omchek Performance Horses                                                                                                                                                          


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Who We Are

Devin & myself are third generation farm & ranchers, together we own and operate Tomchek Performance Horses Farm & Ranch. We raise  300 head of commercial cattle, along with high quality ranch raised & speed bred horses.

Horses have always been a large part of my life growing up and raising quality horses has always been an even bigger  dream of mine.....

I take pride in the horses that I own & raise. I am striving to produce athletic, well balanced, good looking horses that can excel in all disciplines, especially those where speed is required.

I want a horse that can compete in all levels of barrel racing and have the mind to do it.

So far, it seems, my program has 

                                                                                    accomplished just that.                                                                                                                I firmly believe that when it comes

                                                                                    to life's adventures, never pull back on

                                                                                    the reins ! !